A leap forward in powder coating technology

Usable in ANY powder coating gun


Plasticoat is a rubberized powder coat used in many applications that can stand the test of time to almost anything.

 We are the first to distribute at the hobby level. This powder is amazing and works in any application. Here's just a few of the reasons we wanted to bring this to you.

  • Doesn't require a full cure cycle - This coating just needs to reach melting temperature and it's done. No curing for a certain amount of time and no worrying that you over or under cured your part. Excellent for hobby coaters just starting out and even better for professionals that can get the most of this product.
  • Can be sprayed in ANY Powder Coating Gun- It doesn't matter what you're using. If it sprays powder it sprays this. Plasticoat looks, feels, and sprays the same as every powder you've put in your gun.
  • Takes a beating - This coating stands up to the toughest conditions. Its primary use is outdoors (ever seen park benches with a rubbery coating on them) and in high wear situations (your dishwasher racks are most likely coated in Plasticoat). It can stand up to constant abuse and will not crack, chip, flake, or fracture.
  • Can be repaired - Plasticoat can be repaired if it is cut or gouged. No more stripping a whole part and recoating. If an area needs repaired you can take a heat gun and melt the affected area and it will reform.
  • No oven required - Because Plasticoat doesn't need to cure you can melt it onto a part with a UV curing light or a heat gun.
  • Approvals for contact with food and drinking water.
  • Surface doesn't have "anchor" to it so it can be used in marine or freshwater (pool rails) environments without large buildup.


What you can use PlastiCoat on for a better, longer lasting, quality coating.

  • Suspension Springs - Because of the flex in PlastiCoat it can be used on a spring and still hold together
  • Hand Rails - Plasticoat is rubbery and has a good amount of grip friction
  • Outdoor Furniture - It has been used in parks and recreational areas for a long time
  • Fences - Make your fence whatever color you want while giving it a long term protective coating
  • And so much more, let us know what you tried it on!


Try it today. We offer customer support on all of our products and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Plasticoat.


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